Andre Phillip på Slingshot RPM

Da Andre Phillip fornyligt skiftede til at sejle for Tona boards, kunne han vælge frit mellem HVILKEN som helst kite på markedet. Han valgte SLINGSHOT RPM. Et kæmpe kompliment til Slingshot og RPM kiten!!! Læs den officielle meddelelse fra Slingshot herunder – og kig forbi Nautic og hør hvorfor vi er ligeså vilde med RPM kiten som Andre “Dre” Phillip.

The Slingshot RPM is the kite for Dre.
Andre Phillip is undeniably one of the most influential riders in the industry. He is known for his consistently stylish and innovative riding, staying humble and true to his roots, and has earned much love and respect from his peers. After 11 years riding for Cabrinha he has left the brand to team up and grow Tona boards, which will be his main focus.
This move enabled Dre to try different kites to see what best suited his riding. We are very proud to say that out of all the kites on the market he found that the Slingshot RPM was best suited for him. Here is what Dre had to say about the 2013 RPM.
“I love the RPM because it’s so stable, it turns quickly and feels light in the sky. It also gives some slack when I load and pop which makes it easier to do handle passes. I also like the fact that the RPM has great range. I am currently negotiating the possibility to officially join the Slingshot team but for now I’m happy to be flying some great kites! Thanks for the support Slingshot!”
We could not be more stoked about the feedback from such an influential rider! Hopefully DRE will officially become part of our family, but for now we can say that Andre Phillip chose to “ride with us”! For more info about Andre Phillip check out his Facebook and Instagram page.
Check Out Dre’s Facebook Page >>.

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