Garden Route

Min Kæreste Nanna, og jeg var sidste vinter i Syd Afrika. Vi tog den berømte tur langs Afrikas sydkyst “Garden Route”
Vi har lavet en rejseblog/beskrivelse af turen som vi gerne vil dele (den er på engelsk)

lørdag den 12. oktober 2013

Garden Route

After 2 month around Cape Town with a lot of kiteboarding, we went for a road trip on the famous Graden Route. We only had an old Mazda, and were crossing all our fingers in hope that it would last the whole trip. Because the car hire company had too many excuses to not help people if their hire car broke down!!

Our Garden Route Trip

When we left Cape town we decided that we didnt want to drive after dark and we wanted to stay at the main road and not drive to much on South Africa’s creepy dirtroads. That decision didnt last for too long. After following the coast road through Hermanus, False bay and Gans Bay we drove past where we had to turn. We ended up in a nature reserve that meant we had to drive 80 km on dirt road8pm after dark, without seeing a light our a house for 1 1/2 hour!! The only thing I could think about was all the stories about broken down cars in the middle of nowhere at night get robbed buy bush people. Lucky we got to the hostel in StruisBai after a hell of a scary drive 😉

Still Bay
On Our way to Still Bay we got a tip about a secret kite spot in land at a lake. We found the area where the lake was supposed to be but the area was private. We asked some of the farmers in the area if they knew anything about this lake but nobody didn’t, until we told them who we got the tip from and then it come out that they all own a part of the this big lake, typical! We had to drive through one the farmers land. He wasnt home but his staff (and old local without a tooth in her mouth) told us to sign a paper about the lake. After she told us about some people there went to the lake but she didnt saw them again. Nice to know when you are in nowwhere surrounded by creepy people! When we drove through the farmers area i saw in the side road a sheep head just cut off. I was sure a scary man soon would jump out of the bush and shoot us but nothing happen, and Lasse got a cool kiteboarding session surrounded by this scary but beautiful area.

The secret kite spot

Our funky hostel in Strauis Bay

Cape Agulhas – South Africa southernmost tip

Mossel Bay
We stayed in a old train there were turn into a hostel parked just on the beach. Mossel bay was an awesome town with a lot of things going on.

Our Train hostel in Mossel bay

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