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2014 Liquid Force Envy Review
Mar 12, 2014

SBC Awards—Test Favorite: Best 3-Strut Wakestyle Sizes tested:10.5, 12mSuggested retail:$ Sizes available:5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.5, 12, 13.5, 15mTest Team ReportThis year’s Envy has significant changes that produced impressive results and had the Test Team riders stoked. The Envy has always been superbly stable and easy to fly, and the 2014 version continues with the simplicity and stability traits as its central focus. The kite sits slightly back in the window and pulls consistently, holding its shape and pulling smoothly through the gusts. For the less advanced skill set, the Envy makes it easy to find the power, and its stable and consistent flight makes it easy to focus on edging control and board skills. The Envy is also the perfect kite to unhook and practise new tricks with, because it is so forgiving yet gives you the pop and slack you need for unhooked maneuvers. It parks and pulls and lets you focus on the load and pop, and while airborne it doesn’t overreact to bar input. The Envy canopy is solid, and you can send it to boost jumps with decent lift and glide. Test riders were also very impressed with the great low-end power and solid pull of the 12m. It was also fun to boost hooked-in floaters with this kite, and there’s plenty of power for that, but not as much aggressive boost and glide or precision as the NRG. This year’s Envy has more range and depower than previous versions, and a more direct feel. It still remains one of the best three-strut kites for simplicity, and for its stable and unrivalled ability to be an easy pop-and-drift freestyle machine.The Trade-off:Not as nimble and precise, with a slight lag in turn initiation, but makes up for it with simplicity and solid unhooked pull and drift for wakestyle and unhooked moves.Best For:Riders who want an easy park-and-ride kite that can handle a wide range of conditions, with a focus on progressing your board skills or working on unhooked tricks.
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