Tack vinder første PKRA stop i Panama med HifiX/Element

Christophe Tack wins the 2014 PKRA in Panama

Congratulations to our global team riderChristophe Tackfor his 1st place at the first PKRA World Tour event of the year!
Tack put on an outstanding performance by landing aSlim 7, Crowmobe 5, Mobe 5, Blind judge 7 and Front Blind Mobe.
What an amazing start for 2014 season!

from Surfer’s Today:
Despite the initial choppy onshore conditions, dramatic performances finished off the double elimination under sunny skies and steady breeze.
With winds averaging 14-18 knots throughout the day, a short period chop made landings difficult and physically demanding.
Marc Jacobs managed to climb his way back up from an early exit in the singles, advancing solidly through three heats with his powerful riding.
He eventually fell, however, to a well-rested Aaron Hadlow, whose high-scoring Front Blind Mobe and Blind Judge 5 secured his fourth place position.
Next was Robinson Hilario, who beat out Hadlow with his stylish execution and extremely low kite position. Hilario then managed to move up from third to second place by beating out Alex Neto, who struggled to land some of his signature tricks.
In a dramatic finale, Christophe Tack beat out the young Dominican by stomping a wide variety of well-executed technical tricks in what was the highest scoring heat of the day.
Despite impressive tricks from Hilario such as 317 and S-Mobe 7, Tack’s Slim 7, Blind Judge 7, and Crow Mobe 5 secured his eventual victory.

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