Youri Zoon joins BEST Kiteboarding !!!

Youri Zoon “verdensmester” er skiftet fra Slingshot til Best kiteboarding. Youri har valgt, at sejle med den nye BEST GP c-kite fra BEST. Men Youri´s remtidsplan er at udvikle Best TS kiten i samarbejde med Best kitedesigner “Peter”.

Altså fremover bliver BEST´s top kite udviklet i samarbejde med verdensmesteren Youri Zoon.
Tillykke til Best Kiteboarding & KiteDanmark.Aloha.

Youri Zoon siger selv:
World Champion Youri Zoon joins BEST
As the 2012 competition season draws to a close BEST is proud to announce that they have secured the services of the current Men’s World Champion Youri Zoon for 2013. Team Manager Lia Feriancek commented, “The Global Team at BEST just keeps getting bigger and better. With Youri joining the team to compete alongside Gisela on the PKRA Tour for 2013 we’re hoping to see the GP riders dominate throughout the season. Youri is one of the most recognizable kiters on the planet and we are looking forward to his contribution to the continued success and growth of the BEST family.”
Q. Welcome to BEST Youri! We are really excited to have you on board for 2013. Can you tell us a little bit about why you decided to come and Ride With Us?
A. The offer BEST made me was one I could not refuse. As a pro-rider I have to be able to pay my bills but more important than that was the chance to become heavily involved in developing a product which focuses on outstanding quality, is safe and reliable and has a lot of key innovations. Developing a good product is very important for me and BEST is very open to this, they have a great R&D team based here in Europe and I’m looking forward to working closely with Peter and Jordi. I saw the offer as a great opportunity and took it.
Q. BEST is a big family with team riders and departments spread all around the world, how big a factor was the BEST family in your decision to change brands?
A. I always saw that Best is very involved with their riders and that team riders play a large part in developing and testing new gear and they do have a reputation for throwing a party at their team meetings. It’s always good when a company is like a big family, working with their team riders, thinking, talking and listening for opinions on all the gear and also looking for things we can do better and make the Brand stronger and stronger. I’m sure I’ll be very happy here.
Q. What gear will you be riding in 2013, just the GP or will you be using a combination of GP and TS kites for competition and training?
A. Next year in 2013 I will be riding the GP for competitions but I’m planning on being heavily involved in the further development of the TS. I have been riding a open C shape kite for the past 4 years so I think Peter and I will really be able to drive the TS forward.
Q How long do you think it will take you to feel at home on the new kites?
A. Not long at all. I rode the GP already and after 5 minutes I was landing my Blind judge 7, 317 and S-Mobe 7 so I think I will get used to it pretty soon. That kite is sweeeeet!
Q. You’re the number one ranked rider and current PKRA champion, you’ve already tested the GPv2, what is it about the GP that you think will help you win once again in 2013?
A. The GP has the explosion I am looking for in my tricks. With this I can go for new tricks and go bigger than before. This way I hope to be on top again in 2013.
Q. What are your plans for next season? Are you committed to boots for the PKRA? What are you going to be pushing for the 2013 season?
A. Next year for sure I will ride boots and the main goal is to become world champion again! That’s pretty much the only goal I am aiming for. Beside’s that I just want to make clean runs and go for really high scoring tricks.
Q. Have you made any plans with Gisela yet? It must be pretty cool knowing that you’ll have a female team mate with you on the podium at every event?
A. I haven’t made any plans so far but soon we will meet up and talk about a plan for the upcoming season and about the gear we will be riding on.
Q. Where are you going to be training during the off season? Do you have any trips planned and when will we see some BEST videos from you?
A. Soon there will be some nice videos coming out! I have some sick projects that I will be working on. For the off season training I will be in Cape Town (South Africa).
Q. Other than BEST, what will be your full sponsors list for the year? Let’s have some props for everyone that supports you.
Brunotti: For boards and clothing: I’ve been riding with them since the beginning of my career. Javra Software: They’re keeping my website, iphone/ipad apps up to date! Mystic: Mystic has been there since the beginning as well, keeping me warm with their wet suits. Koraal has and is one of my first sponsors and has always been there for me.
Q. What are you most looking forward to about riding for BEST?
A. Working with the R&D team, creating new products and pushing the brand forward. Making the best products out there!
Q. If we see you on the beach what should we say to you?
A. Anything you want, I’m always up for a chat! Come and Ride With Me and let’s grab a beer afterwards, it’s all good.

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