Bandit Six review

Very short review as I am knackerd and my hands are sore from a great day at Rhosniger, good winds, great waves, warm, I promised myself never to get any other kite after using the bandit V for a full year, I love the five series bandit so much I did buy quite a few sets just in case they ruined the kite by altering the things that made it the best kite I have ever used in 12 years, the previous bandits were a mixed bag of various disappointments, which kept me faithful to Vegas kites for years after F one ruined there top of the range kites many years back, Mark from boardworx sent me the shop 9 mtr demo kite, as he does every year, every model of bandit apart from the v series I have sent back, so when this six series arrived I bunged it in the van and left it there, convinced it would not be as good as the V series, I even phoned Mark up and told him I did not want to dirty it as It would not be any better than the kites I already had, and it was wasted with me, he said its a demo, use it! And send it back, but try it first. I did today, against one of my brand new Bandit five series kites He is not getting the demo kite back. And I ordered 4 more.

Boosts like a Vegas, IMO the best boosting kite available Drifts even better than the bandit V When you get pushed forward on the face of a fast wave and your moving fast without tight lines,you can pull in the bar just a little and spin the kite round without accelerating, I could not do that with the v series without the kite dropping alarmingly close to the surface,and never with a Vegas, the Vegas would just drop or accelerate so fast it pulled you off the wave As for everything else it’s as brilliant as the bandit V, still floats like before, I know the Vegas is not that good in waves but I loved it for boosting and speed Now I have got the lot in the new bandit, Still say the north bar is the best for this kite, the 4 line north Trust fits perfectly without any adjustments, Warning The above post may contain a personal opinion

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